All the 80s references in Stranger Things Chapter Six The Monster

first_img The Monster1/17While this episode certainly does give us a couple of appearances from the mysterious creature that dwells in the eroded place that is the Upside Down – The Duffer Brothers in Twilight Zone fashion hammer home the question of who truly is the monster? Is it the creature or possibly Eleven and what she could become, perhaps it is the petty emotions that Steve demonstrates or Jonathan’s rage – or is the actual monster of this episode and series Matthew Modine’s character Dr. Martin Brenner? My money is on the last choice.<><> With each episode just stocked with eighties references I am sure that I missed one or two that you totally picked up on, so why not share them in the comments?Check out our other rundowns of 80s references in Stranger Things:Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will ByersChapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple StreetChapter Three: Holly, JollyChapter Four: The BodyChapter Five: The Flea and the AcrobatChapter Seven: The BathtubChapter Eight: The Upside Down Episode six of Stranger Things, entitled The Monster, while certainly full of thrills and chills, also takes its time to let us piece together some important pieces of the puzzle in regards to Eleven and what is going down at the Department of Energy in Hawkins. Every character seems to be given a moment to truly shine. As we’ve come to expect by now, the Duffer Brothers have managed to pack so many scenes with not just nods to eighties classic and cult films but also to truthfully present what it felt like to grow up in that decade.The brief synopsis for chapter six of Stranger Things is that once Nancy is rescued by Jonathan after she bravely/foolishly breached the Upside Down, plans are put into effect by the two to hunt the creature that has abducted Will and Barbara. She also learns that giving her heart to Steve might have been a bad idea. Meanwhile, for Mike, Dustin, and Lucas the Fellowship has been broken up after the events of The Flea and the Acrobat. While Dustin and Mike partner up to find Eleven – Lucas decides to go lone wolf and seek out Will on his own. All the while Sheriff Hopper and Joyce Byers attempt to find out more about Dr. Martin Brenner and Eleven by visiting a woman who lost her own child after taking part in experiments in the seventies conducted by Brenner.With the synopsis out of the way, how about we jump into the notable eighties references and interesting trivia that make up The Monster? Remember as always that we delve into some heavy spoiler so be warned if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the episode yet.last_img

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