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first_img Initially introduced by Mattel after their attempt to secure the Star Wars license fell through, Masters of the Universe were one of the biggest toy successes of the 1980s, boasting a seemingly endless array of ultra-buff warriors and a few comely female companions, each with their own unique gimmick. Here’s our rundown of the coolest He-Man toys, from retro sculpts to modern updates.Mondo Tees He-Man Action FigureThe character of He-Man evolved quite a bit in the fiction surrounding the toy line. Originally he was just a Conan-esque barbarian, but when the cartoon series premiered he got a medieval backstory as Prince Adam, the scion of Eternia, who could raise his magic sword aloft and transform into the shirtless ass-kicker. Geek culture Mecca Mondo announced a new line of Masters toys last year, and it’s only fitting that He-Man is their first entry. This is a pre-order — the line won’t ship until the Fall — but it’s already guaranteed to be a hot collector’s item. You can wait.Get it at Amazon.comModulok Action FigureNearly all of the male Masters of the Universe toys were cast from the same basic body mold, which saved Mattel a lot of money but resulted in pretty similar-looking characters. When there was an exception, though, it was pretty damn cool. Modulok was introduced in 1985 after the first wave of Evil Horde enemies, and he was like nothing the series had seen before. Composed of 22 individual pieces, he could be reformed and arranged in dozens of different configurations. This was a mind-blower at the time and the revised Classics version is just as cool today.Get it at Amazon.comTrap-Jaw Action FigureOf all of Skeletor’s many weird henchmen, few were quite as iconic as Trap-Jaw. In continuity, he was a criminal from an alien dimension brought to Eternia by Skeletor who nearly defeated He-Man before being injured and reduced to a mere lackey. His metal arm featured a modular socket in which he could affix all sorts of weird weapons like a hook, claw and laser beam. This 2008 sculpt was part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line and really goes all-out on the detail. I love that it still includes the little loop in his helmet so he can slide down a zipline, though. That was always fun.Get it at Amazon.comSideshow Collectibles Skeletor StatueThe cadaverous ruler of Snake Mountain is one of the most iconic cartoon villains of all time, a blue-skinned beefcake with a skull for a head and a lot of cronies to do his bidding. Skeletor craves conquering Castle Grayskull, which will increase his mystic might to a level sufficient to take over an entire universe. This incredibly detailed statue from Sideshow Collectibles stands over 21 inches high and weighs 15 pounds. The paint job is painstakingly accurate, with tons of undertones and accents that will make him the centerpiece of your villain collection.Get it at Amazon.comFunko Pop OrkoOne of the few characters created for the TV series and then retroactively inserted into the toy line, Orko was the comic relief character for Masters, a floating “Trollian” magician from another dimension. Fun bit of trivia: he was originally named “Gorpo” in the first script drafts. Whatever you call him, Orko was the guy responsible for delivering the little morals and messages at the end of many episodes. Now you can have him in Funko Pop form, which is a pretty good match for his general aesthetic.Get it at Amazon.comMega Construx Castle GrayskullGetting the original 1980s Castle Grayskull playset will require a big chunk of time on eBay or a lucky garage sale somewhere. But why not make one yourself instead? Mega Construx — the high-end Mega Bloks line from Mattel — has the He-Man license, and they’ve used it for a number of pretty cool kits. The Castle Grayskull is far and away the beefiest, measuring over 3,600 pieces and featuring tons of cool elements, like a hinging structure, multiple floors, working missile launchers and six scale figures to play with. Yes, they’re compatible with Legos, too, so you can have a crossover.Get it at Amazon.comSuper7 Laughing Prince Adam FigureThe often cheap Filmation animation used for Masters of the Universe looks incredibly hokey today, and footage from the show has found its way into remixes and memes for quite some time. One of the more famous bits involves He-Man’s alter ego, the inexplicably wimpy despite having the exact same body shape Prince Adam, laughing maniacally at whatever. The lunatics at Super 7 took inspiration from the meme and actually released a SDCC exclusive figure with a brand new laughing head sculpt for the serious fans out there, of which everybody should be one.Get it at Amazon.comMasters of The Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. SetWe’re in very strange times, when toy lines can mix and mingle in previously unimaginable ways. M.U.S.C.L.E. Things were a brief but bright 80s fad, a collection of small rubbery fighters based on the Japanese Kinnikuman manga about absurd pro wrestlers. And now, in 2019, there’s He-Man versions of them. This set of 20 bright yellow figures includes such Eternia luminaries as Kobra Khan, Tri-Clops, Evil-Lyn and of course some He-Men and Skeletors. There’s even a Castle Greyskull. What more could you ask for in this life?Get it at Amazon.comSuper 7 Los Amos SkeletorMasters of the Universe wasn’t just a local phenomenon. Countries all around the world got their own versions of the TV show and toy line, often with some unusual localizations. In Mexico, it was called Los Amos del Universo, and the creators of the tie-in comics didn’t have access to everything so they had to make some strange choices. Most notably, Skeletor’s color scheme was wildly different, with a lurid pink face, turquoise body and lime green armor. Toymaker Super 7 created this near-bootleg take, scaled at G.I. Joe size, for hardcore fans and it’s pretty awesome.Get it at Amazon.comKing Randor StatuePrince Adam’s dad had a pretty sweet mustache but didn’t seem to be that effective a ruler, leaving it up to his kid and his pet cat to defend Eternia against all sorts of villains and creeps. He’s also so dumb he doesn’t realize that Prince Adam and He-Man are the same person. That said, he’s still royalty and we have to treat him with a modicum of respect. This excellent statue of King Randor all kitted up for battle and wielding a mighty sword was sculpted by the Four Horsemen and even comes with a fur cape.Get it at Amazon.comShe-Ra Action FigureOriginally devised as a way to get girls into the Masters fantasy franchise, She-Ra has really come into her own in recent years with a new Netflix series that brings it up to modern sensibilities in fine form. The long-lost sister of Prince Adam kidnapped by the malevolent Hordak and raised on Etheria, where she was brainwashed to serve in the Evil Horde until she found the Sword of Protection and embraced her magical alter ego. Solid figure here in classic six-inch style with all the accessories you’d expect.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Geek.com:The Best Avengers ToysThe Most Fatal Mortal Kombat ToysThe Most Ruling Game of Thrones Toys Stay on target Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long last_img

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