Jordan Peeles Us Becomes Universal Halloween Horror Maze

first_imgStay on target While not quite on the level as his debut film Get Out, Jordan Peele’s Us is still one of the best movies of the year and cements Peele as a heady horror filmmaker to keep your eye on. This brutal home invasion movie, where the family is terrorized by their own “Tethered” doppelgangers, asks a lot of questions about privilege and inequality and self-deluding psychological dark sides and nature vs. nurture without necessarily answering all of them. Plus what’s up with all those rabbits?Even if the more intellectual material goes over your head though Us works as a terrifically tense horror movie that’s violent without being too violent and gives the audience plenty of relieving applause moments. Peele wanted the Tethered to become a new kind of iconic movie monster. And if you don’t think he succeeded, just go outside wearing a red jumpsuit while holding some scissors and see what happens.What’s so terrifying about the Tethered though is that everyone has a bitter counterpart, and they could strike at anytime. It could even happen to you! And if you want a taste of what that’s like, try out the new Us-inspired maze coming to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.Like any theme park attraction based on a movie, the Universal’s Us maze just wants you to live in the universe of the film. But whereas something like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a thrilling space adventure and Universal’s own Ghostbusters maze will probably be more comedic, Us is a pure nightmare. Mirroring the events of the film, attendees start off in 1986 just like young Adelaide getting lost in the house of funhouse mirrors. You then travel to the present just as the Tethered begin to take their revenge on the surface.We’ll still have to wait and see what that revenge looks like. Did Peele and the cast and crew make new material? Will they scan your face and have actors wear a mask of you before they kill you? How much corny hip-hop will they reference? Find out for yourself when the Us attraction launches as part of Universal Halloween Horror Nights beginning September 6 in Orlando and September 13 is Los Angeles. ‘The Twilight Zone’ Finale Trailer Introduces Creepy ‘Blurryman”SNL’ Spoofs Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ With ‘Horrifying’ Discover Card Skit last_img

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