Off Beat Canadians drawn to Vancouver USA for July 4th festivities

first_imgWhen it comes to confusion about Northwest city names, it’s better to be safe than Surrey … er, sorry.Local folks tend to smile when out-of-towners mix up our Vancouver with that other city to the north. A Columbian reader forwarded us another example recently: An online travel newsletter touted the bounty to be found in the downtown farmers’ market at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, B.C.His reaction: “They got the two cities mixed up!”That was a fairly harmless case of mistaken identity, since nobody will be driving to British Columbia to buy a couple of pounds of farm-fresh tomatoes.But a few days ago, Susan Holton wanted to make sure that another version of that municipal identity crisis didn’t cost a Canadian family $150.Holton is communications manager of the Fort Vancouver National Trust, which put on our Fourth of July fireworks show. This year there were special $50 tickets for seats in a prime viewing area. Holton received an e-mail from a man who wanted to buy three tickets.“I saw the ‘.ca’ on his request,” Holton said, so it was a Canadian e-mail address. “I wanted to make sure he knew this was Vancouver, Washington.”last_img

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