Destiny gives exclusive quest and XP boosts to Red Bull drinkers

first_imgRed Bull gives you wings, but if you play Bungie’s shared-world shooter Destiny, Red Bull will also give you an exclusive six-part in-game quest and experience boost consumables. Think of it like this: you’re paying $2.50 (or a sweet $2.25 if you get your Red Bulls from a certain Brooklyn bodega near your morning train) for a mini-DLC quest, and experience boosts to help you get all of your gear up to snuff.There are layers of exclusivity here, but don’t fret — they’re all timed. Whereas the Sony exclusive strikes and gear remain under the PlayStation umbrella for a year after their release, the Red Bull quest will open up to all just three-and-a-half months after The Taken King — Destiny’s upcoming massive expansion — releases on September 15. The other layer of exclusivity lies with 7-Eleven. Throughout July, the cans will be exclusive to 7-Eleven, until they become available nationwide at other stores beginning in August. Starting on September 8, a week before The Taken King launches, a four-pack of Destiny Bulls will be available at Walmart.The six-part quest — presumably like The Dark Below’s multi-part missions or House of Wolves’ multi-part Elder Cipher bounty — is a one-time unlock. The experience boost, dubbed Focused Light, is a different story. It’s a consumable item that grants a whopping 50% experience boost for 30 minutes, and due to that format, the code can seemingly be redeemed as many times as you have unique codes. Those Walmart four-packs will likely be the cheapest and most efficient way to hoard the boosts.Yeah, it would be the hunters that drink Red Bull:Image credit.The full can is topped with a very focused gamer decked out in Red Bull paraphernalia:Image credit.The Red Bull cans will begin appearing in the wild starting in July, though reports have shown that displays have already been set up at certain 7-Eleven locations. If you manage to snag a code, you can redeem it over on the official Red Bull promotion site. The experience boosts will become available for use starting on July 1, and the six-part quest will become available on September 15 when The Taken King releases.last_img

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