The Bahamas presented an interesting campaign with the help of musician Lenny Kravitz

first_imgYou can find out more about the campaign HERE. The campaign highlights the strong appeal of the Bahamas as a destination that inspires adventure and exudes rock’n’roll. “The music not only represents the independence of the Bahamas, but also appeals to those who travel here for fishing, shark diving and other adventures. “, explained Mia Weech-Lange, senior director of global communications at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. “My first memories of the Bahamas are magical. When I smelled the Bahamas air, I would feel like I was on another planet. People are attracted to the Bahamas primarily because of its natural beauty, beautiful sea, but also the hosts. The Bahamas are very unique people. They are very hospitable, warm and funny “, described vividly by Lenny Kravitz and added that you come to the Bahamas to slow down the pace and time and enjoy the moment. The campaign was created by Tambourine, a communications company specializing in destinations and hotel e-commerce, and is advertised through posters and television around the world, as well as through social networks and Internet search engines. In an attempt to attract foreign tourists and present the Bahamas as an attractive tourist destination, a new, multi-channel creative campaign has been launched with Bahamas-American rock legend Lenny Kravitz. A great example of a simple but successful marketing campaign that, with the help of music and an authentic location, evokes positive emotions for adventure or freezing time and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas. The Bahamas records a steady increase in international arrivals from October 2017 until the end of 2018. International arrivals increased by 13 percent in October 2018 compared to the same period last year, and international air traffic increased by almost 16 percent.center_img The campaign reveals the authentic spirit of the Bahamas as a destination for adventure and exploration of natural beauty. Visual campaign / flyawaybahamas.com The television commercial and accompanying marketing campaign, accompanied by the lyrics of Kravitz’s hit song Fly Away, record his deep personal connection to the Bahamas, as well as the pure adrenaline rush of exploring the 100.000-square-mile archipelago by boat and plane. “We are thrilled with this campaign and honored to be working with Lenny Kravitz. Our archipelago and his song are a perfect combination and create an opportunity for us to reach a new wider audience, especially users of digital content, through an authentic story. “, said Bahamian Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar. Photo: Bahamas / bahamas.comlast_img

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