Abanca will be the owner of Deportivo on March 17

first_imgThe amazing thing is the power of agreement, that will convert to Fan in absolute owner of the club. The participatory credit I know exchange per share (83,194), which would already give an impressive weight to the financial institution since the current share capital It is 10,292,425 euros (171,255 shares) and the maximum shareholder does not reach 7%. To this will be added a second extension of capital of 30 million (499,169 shares), after which Abanca will have the 78% of the shareholding of a share capital that will rise suddenly 10 to 45 million. Those 30 million in shares will eliminate much of the credit of Depor with the bank, going down from 42 to 12 million.There will be a third extension for shareholdersThe Shareholders meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, March 17, has in its first two points of the day Abanca’s two capital increases (5 of credit and 30 of debt exchange for shares). The third of the Assembly reflects a third capital increase, This time it is dedicated to the current shareholders of Deportivo. In the club announcement it is quantified this extension in another 35 million euros, exactly the amount that Abanca will previously subscribe, although not mandatory of completion. Also advertised three phases of it, but the conditions of each of them are not specified nor the dates between which they will take place. These points of the day they must be approved in the Assembly, which will have to have a minimum quorum of 25% of the current social capital, since all these decisions involve changing the current statutes of the blue and white entity. Last month of December Deportivo lived a total catharsis. Paco Zas submitted his resignation, which was subsequently early march before the irruption of Fernando Vidal and your team. The shipping entrepreneur, led by Juan Carlos Cebrián, landed in the presidency with a important agreement with Abanca, the main creditor of the club.Vidal was elected president by a large majority after signing a participatory credit with the financial institution of 5 million euros, achieving two million for reinforce the team in the January market. This agreement, which was linked to a capital increase, It should be approved at a meeting that is already dated: March 17.last_img

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