Alavés could stop entering more than 20 million euros due to the coronavirus crisis

first_imgThe main source of income is from television rights. We will have to see the new football landscape and the renegotiation of contracts. Logically, the same will not be paid when the machine goes to half gas. If we add to this that the market is going to stagnate and that it will be difficult to carry out large transfers, the coffers of Alavés are going to have cobwebs. Like those of almost all companies in the country. The club’s forecasts speak of stopping entering around 30% of the budget. At the last Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting on December 27 a document was approved with 76.1 million euros in income and 74.6 in expenses (section in which there will also be serious reductions). Since a decrease in income of, more or less, 30% of what was raised, we are talking about an amount greater than 20 million euros.This economic cataclysm will also affect the rest of the companies in the Baskonia Group: the basketball club, the 5 + 11 Foundation, Onalan and the sports city of Bakh. The expansion of the Mendizorroza stadium from 19,848 seats to more than 27,000 is now at a standstill. The club wanted to invest 33 million in the operation. 2021 is an emblematic year because Alavés will celebrate its centenary. Among other things, they wanted to hire one of the great clubs in Europe to organize a game at the beginning of the year. We will also have to see what that plan is. The scourge of coronavirus in the economy in general is going to be enormous. And football is not going to be oblivious to these consequences. With no audience in the stands, money will be lost from the box office, certain amounts will have to be returned to the members and the income dependent on marketing, advertising and institutional sponsorships will decrease. The Mayor of Vitoria and the Deputy General of Álava have already announced that preferences have changed and that the budget lines will have to be seriously rethought.last_img

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