Government Denies Handing Contractual Teachers’ Dossier to Ministry of Interior

Rabat – Mustapha El Khalfi, the government’s spokesperson, denied that the Cabinet will delegate the issue regarding contractual teachers to the Ministry of Interior.After the weekly government council, El Khalfi told the press that the dossier of the contractual teachers is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education only.“No third party intervenes on this issue, whose management is based solely on the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research,” asserted El Khalfi. Read Also: Moroccan Contractual Teachers Threaten ‘Blank Year,’ Extend ProtestEarlier this week, the contractual teachers announced their decision to extend their strike for another week.The announcement came a day after the Ministry of Education announced that it had reached an agreement with the contractual teachers, who promised to resume their work starting Monday, April 15.Despite the official announcement, some contractual teachers’ Facebook page posts indicated that no such agreement had been reached between them and the Ministry.Read Also: Moroccan Contractual Teachers to Keep Striking Until April 25Moroccan television channel 2M reported that the contractual teachers will begin a new round of dialogue with the Ministry on April 23.The teachers, who describe themselves as “forcibly contractual educators,” are seeking permanent jobs and equity with other teachers in the public sector.In 2016, the Moroccan government began hiring teachers under annually renewable contacts every year.

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