January will bring changes for bus stops cars and pedestrians

When the Brock community returns to campus on Jan. 3 after the holidays, they’ll find a new arrangement of bus stops, vehicle routes and walkways in front of the Schmon Tower.During the holiday break, major work on the Goodman School of Business expansion project means construction fences will be extended out on to Isaac Brock Boulevard, preventing traffic from reaching the front of the Tower.Isaac Brock Boulevard will be closed indefinitely to all traffic except transit buses and construction vehicles, and some bus stops will be relocated to nearby temporary locations (see map).Crews will also be marking out new walkways to ensure pedestrians have safe passage around the construction zones.Roads and walkways will be well-signed to help people navigate the temporary system. Here’s how it will work:Transit busesBuses will turn through a new temporary vehicle lane that runs in front of the statue of Sir Isaac Brock.Some buses will use a bus stop in that loop near the statue, while others use bus stops located further along Isaac Brock Boulevard.Paratransit vehicles will use Lot H for pick-up and drop-off access to Schmon Tower, Thistle and Mackenzie Chown complexesParking meters being removed When the changes are instituted, there will no longer be any metered parking on Isaac Brock Boulevard during the life of the construction period.Alternatives for paid parking are in Lot D or on Flora Egerter Way (formerly Meter Road) and University Road West. Other vehiclesDuring construction, only transit buses and construction vehicles will be able to enter Isaac Brock Boulevard. Cars as well as school and other non-transit buses will banned from that loop.Vehicles can drop off passengers in lay-bys located on the east and south sides of the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, and also on the south side of Welch Hall.

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