Motorola Xoom Launching Without Flash

first_imgFor all of Motorola’s boastings, it seems that the company’s eagerly awaited Honeycomb tablet won’t be sporting Adobe Flash playback capabilities at launch. This news comes according to the Verizon Website, which notes that the tablet won’t be capable of managing the near-ubiquitous Web publishing software until “Spring 2011,” a cloudy date that’s no doubt some time after the Xoom launches later this month.While the lack of Flash is likely not a deal breaker for most potential Xoom buyers (particularly when an update is likely coming in a month or two), the feature was one that the company has touted as a selling point for the device, versus the iPad–which, naturally, will never see Flash, thanks to Steve Jobs’s one man crusade against the software.Information Week speculates on the matter, chalking it up to a lack of compabilty between Android Honeycomb 3.0 (which will be launching the same time as the Xoom) and Flash Player Mobile 10.2last_img

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