Unaired 80s Mac ad shows a time when geeks were geeks

first_imgThe phrase “an oldie but a goody” comes to mind when viewing the above un-aired television advertisement from Apple. The ad was originally slated to run on televisions across the country in 1983 in support of Apple’s “Lisa” personal computer. Many will remember that Steve Jobs himself was forced out of working on the Lisa project and instead focused on bringing the now legendary Macintosh line into being.The television ad for Lisa never aired, likely due to the fact that Apple thought it would be seen as pretentious and self-absorbed as it seems today. Even so, it’s deliciously geeky and an interesting portrayal of another era of personal computing.As it stands, the video may never have seen the light of day, but thanks to former Mac “software wizard” turned Google engineer Andy Herzfeld and his Google+ page it was made available for the masses to enjoy and marvel at the bad 80’s geek fashion that is on display in the video.While the advertising and marketing executives back in 1982 may have thought that the statements made by the development team were a bit too self-congratulatory, the team had good reason to sound as confident as it did. Lisa was one of the most advanced and cost-effective computers of its day. It was the first to offer a graphical user interface in a low cost format to business users, making it desirable for blue-chip companies that were discovering that computers were going to play a large role in day-to-day business.While in modern times the $9,995 price tag of the Lisa would be considered outrageous, at the time it was honestly an incredible cost reduction when it came to computing hardware. With its 2MB of available RAM and its 5 MHz processor, it was considered a solid leap forward in technology.via PC Maglast_img

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