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She may be a human sacrifice Former PM Kim Campbell on womenShe may be a human sacrifice Former PM Kim Campbell on women

first_imgTwenty-six years after she served as Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. Kim Campbell is still the only woman to hold Canada’s highest office. And in an honest interview on The Big Story podcast Monday, she wasn’t shy about explaining why-and addressing the question of ‘likeability’ which she says has become something of a code word used to raise questions about women seeking office that aren’t ask of men.“This notion of likability is a terrible kind of catch-22. Because what is used against women who take positions of power and authority, is that supposedly they have lost something,” Ms. Campbell said. “People say, ‘Well if women come into power, they lose their lovely feminine nature.’ And that’s what I think ‘likability’ is a code for-that they somehow have lost some aspect of feminine softness.”“I think the idea is that men are the default category. Their entitlement to be there is unquestioned. So women have to leap over certain hurdles. They have to be feminine. They have to do as Ginger Rogers did-everything backwards in high heels.”Listen to the full interview on The Big Story podcast right here:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. You can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on iTunes or Google Play.You can also find it at her time in public office, Ms. Campbell broke down many doors, becoming the first female justice minister and first female defence minister, before being named leader at a party convention in 1993 following the retirement of Brian Mulroney and becoming the first woman to serve as Prime Minister of Canada.Even during her time serving in high-profile positions, however, Ms. Campbell recalled her achievements being credited to her male colleagues.“Sometimes the things that I accomplished were not attributed to me. I remember when my gun control legislation passed, and people couldn’t get over it-that this really remarkably big and comprehensive piece of legislation had got through the commons. And I remember someone saying, ‘Mulroney must have pulled her irons out of the fire.’ Brian Mulroney was great to work for, but one of the reasons he was great to work for was that he left you alone to do your thing and he didn’t pull anybody’s irons out of the fire. But it was like they couldn’t believe that somebody like me could have accomplished that.”And that double standard applied to how her quest-and that of most women seeking high office-was portrayed, she said, recalling the aspersions cast on Hillary Clinton during her 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns that she’s been eyeing the job for more than a decade. Those accusations of naked ambition were familiar, she said.“I remember someone had written and described me as ‘crushingly ambitious’. And I remember saying at (a) speech, ‘whom have I crushed? I’m not aware of having tried to crush or overpower anyone.’ And even in terms of being ambitious, that’s another word that has become a catch-22 for women…It’s frustrating that if you’re successful, then people assume that you must have been crushing, or there must be something unsavoury about how you got there. It’s just ridiculous. I think one of the reasons women are successful in politics is precisely because that’s not how they operate.”Now that the United States has come so close to having a woman serve as president, and at least three women are already seeking the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2020 election, Ms. Campbell pointed to women who have lost, and how even their defeats-like hers in the 1993 federal election-do much to normalize the image of powerful women holding a country’s top position.“Every time a woman takes on a role that has not been held by women before, she may be a human sacrifice. In other words, it may be hard to hang on, but you gradually redefine who gets to do that job.”last_img read more

Kashechewan grandfather says mouldy home is making his granddaughter sickKashechewan grandfather says mouldy home is making his granddaughter sick

first_imgKathleen MartensAPTN NewsA Kashechewan grandfather is worried the mouldy house he lives in is making his granddaughter ill.William Nakogee says the 10-month-old girl has a red, itchy rash all over her body and face.He gave APTN News permission to publish the photos his daughter shared on Facebook.“My daughter’s been taking the pictures for one month straight and they got worser and worser,” William said in a telephone interview from the northern Ontario First Nation Monday.“One nurse said yesterday we can’t do anything for (her) anymore.”William says 10 people from three generations of his family live in the bungalow he estimated is about 30 years old.He says he switched bedrooms with his daughter and granddaughter to see if the rash would improve but says that hasn’t happened.William says the family also tried a different brand of detergent and that didn’t help.He said his daughter Arlene Nakogee has been taking the toddler to the fly-in community’s medical clinic nearly every day. But he said the visiting doctor won’t approve a visit to a skin specialist in a southern city.“They said it’s just excema,” Arlene noted. “I’m scared that it’s an infection.”APTN left a message seeking comment from the community’s health services organization.APTN also tried to reach Kashechewan Chief Leo Friday and were told he was out of town and not available for comment.William says he wants to get his granddaughter some relief but complaints to the band council have fallen on deaf ears.“It’s really bugging her, you know? When I talked to the nurse, she thinks it’s got to do with the family genetics,” he said.Arlene say other families have also posted photos of children with a similar-looking rash online. She thinks the living conditions – black mould and water piped from a “polluted” river – are to blame.The community just lifted its boil-water advisory, William added.“If I get a new house that would be nice,” he said, explaining the black mould is boarded over now and he’s trying not to disturb it.“We don’t want it to go in the air. You might cause lung disease or something.”APTN investigated the problem with mould in homes in the neighbouring James Bay community of Attawapiskat in this story called The Rot.last_img read more

Sarah Zouak’s Women SenseTour: A Journey for Women’s EmpowermentSarah Zouak’s Women SenseTour: A Journey for Women’s Empowerment

Ifran – Sarah Zouak is a 25-year-old French and Moroccan woman and a recent college graduate.Born and raised in France, she has two Master’s degrees: one in Management (Marketing specialization) from the business school ESCEM, and one in International Relations from IRIS.She has been interested in human rights, and more specifically in women’s rights, from an early age. She used to work with the association Solidarite Féminine, founded by Aicha Ech-Chenna in Casablanca. She also worked for 18 months at AIDES, the first European association fighting against HIV/AIDS. She is also an active member of the association for social entrepreneurship Make Sense. Based on her education and knowledge, she developed the idea for the Women Sense Tour. Morocco World News approached her for an interview on the sidelines of her participation on the sidelines of her participation on the Impact Camp held in Akhayan University in Ifrane.MWN: Could you describe the Women Sense Tour project?Sarah Zouak: As a French and Moroccan woman, I have always felt a bit schizophrenic, because inside my family my parents have always encouraged me to study and be independent, but outside the image that people give me about being a Muslim woman has always been negative. According to most people, if I could study and be integrated into French society it was because I was an exception.Since I was a teenager, I have always been looking for a female role model who looked a little bit like me. However, it was really hard to find them.The second observation I made is more global. Today, Islam is surrounded by many stigmas, and in the media Muslim women are often described as oppressed, weak, or submissive and the religion must be an obstacle for their emancipation.From those two observations, a personal and global one, I decided to change the situation and show people in France and everywhere in the world not only a more positive image of Muslim women, but an inspiring one.People need more role models of great Muslim women, and they need to understand that the discrimination faced by some Muslim women stems from the patriarchal system, which comes from men’s reinterpretation of the religion, but not from the religion itself, which is really peaceful and provides for equality between men and women.So I decided to go and meet Muslim women change-makers and spotlight how they are driving girls’ and women’s empowerment in their societies. I didn’t want to portray successful Muslim women or any Muslim women entrepreneurs. No, I wanted to meet the one who are fighting for women’s rights in their countries. How can we better break the stereotypes about Muslim women than meeting activists and founders of projects about for women’s empowerment?Thus, for five months, I’ve decided to travel to five Muslim countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia to meet twenty-five Muslim women change-makers. The goal is to deconstruct stereotypes and, crucially, amplify Muslim women’s voices through a documentary video. Besides the documentary video, I write descriptions of them, which are featured on my website ( and some media partners.Because I didn’t want the journey to be only at a journalistic perspective, I choose to add one more mission to my trip. I decided to support these inspiring women through the organization of creative brainstorming workshops designed to help them overcome some specific challenges they face in their organization. To do so, I will be applying the methodology of an international association called Make Sense, which promotes social entrepreneurship. This has a real impact for the WST superwomen!MWN: Tell us more about the women you have met.Sarah Zouak: I’ve just came home and I’m really proud for achieving my goal. I met 25 Muslim women change-makers. These women are very diverse. Some are young and some are older. They are from urban or rural environments. Some are educated and some are not. They are from everywhere in Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia, from the big cities to the small villages.They are working on different issues such as single mothers, domestic violence, homelessness, access to education, political participation, access to a decent job, etc.It has been a very hard journey, but all the women we met are exceptional and unique. I’m looking forward to showing them to you when I am finished with the documentary video.But what I can say is that they taught me that all the women in the world can be change-makers too, because it always begins very small and locally. It always begins with one person, one event that changes their lives, or way of looking at the world. And by being revolted by a situation, we can all do something.With these women from all over the world, I have confirmation that the religion of Islam is not an obstacle for women empowerment, but its misinterpretation is! You must read the Holy Book and contextualize it with a feminine perspective, as Asma Lamrabettold me in Morocco.Feminism is a global fight for female and male equality of rights, but the approach is different, and that’s why we have so many different types of feminism. But the thing to remember is that today there is not a single country where you can find perfect gender equality, working with all women around the world is essential.Morocco– Aicha EchChenna, founder of Solidarite Feminine– Khadija Elharim, founder of the first argan cooperative in Tafraout– Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald, founder of the association Amal in MarrakechTunisia– Ikram Ben Said, Founder of ASWAT NISSA in Tunis for encouraging women to be political candidates– Sana Ben Achour, Founder of the Association BEITY in Tunis for the women living on the streets– Sarah Toumi, Founder of the Association Ajmi Toumi and the project Accacias for All in Bir SalahIran– Fatemeh Ashrafi, founder of the association HAMI for the women refugees (mostly from Iraq or Afghanistan)– Leila Arshad, founder of the association Khaneh Ye Khorshid (The House of the Sun) for the female drug addicts– Zahra Bounyanyan– Marjaneh Halati, founder of the association Omid-e-Mehr, for disadvantaged young women from ages 15 to 25Indonesia – Lita Anggraini – Founder of the National Network of Domestic Workers Advocacy (ou JALA PRT)– Masnuah Mba Nuk, Founder of the Fisherwomen cooperative Puspita Bahari.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Number of Ivorian refugees arriving in Liberia rises to 3500 – UNNumber of Ivorian refugees arriving in Liberia rises to 3500 – UN

The number of refugees entering Liberia from Côte d’Ivoire, which has been thrust into political uncertainty after the incumbent president refused to concede electoral defeat, has risen to about 3,500 with scores of people arriving every day in Liberian villages along the border, the United Nations refugees agency said today.The Liberian Government has a policy of not setting up refugee camps so the Ivorians are settling in local communities, with Liberian villagers receiving them into their homes and sharing their resources with them, Adrian Edwards, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR), told reporters in Geneva.UNHCR teams have been registering and assisting the refugees, but the villages are far apart and the area has poor roads making transport difficult.In Guinea, the number of newly registered Ivorian refugees in the south-east of the country remains stable at some 200 people, although some UNHCR partners reported more arrivals in Lola prefecture yesterday. At the request of the local authorities, UNHCR has transferred the group to a transit centre at Bosso, 18 kilometres further from the border.Ivorians arriving in Guinea walked for two days through the Mount Nimba area. Some were barefoot and others had young children. UNHCR gave them warm meals and other basic items as they fled without personal belongings.The refugees in both Liberia and Guinea come from villages along the border from Danane to Guiglo in western Cote d’Ivoire. The majority are women with children and are in urgent need of food, clean water, sanitation facilities, clothing, and basic hygiene items.“So far, we have not seen refugee movements into any of the three other countries neighbouring Ivory Coast. We have nonetheless strengthened our emergency preparedness,” Mr. Edwards said.Prior to the current crisis, UNHCR was assisting some 13,000 Ivorian refugees who went into exile mainly in Liberia (6,000), Guinea (4,000) and Mali (2,000) during the civil war in their country, which officially ended in 2005.The UN has endorsed opposition leader Alassane Ouattara’s victory in the run-off presidential elections held on 28 November, despite outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo’s claim to have won.Cote d’Ivoire, the world’s largest cocoa exporter, was split by civil war in 2002 into a Government-controlled south and a rebel-held north. The elections were expected to complete a UN-backed process of reunifying the country and restoring stability.Cote 14 December 2010The number of refugees entering Liberia from Côte d’Ivoire, which has been thrust into political uncertainty after the incumbent president refused to concede electoral defeat, has risen to about 3,500 with scores of people arriving every day in Liberian villages along the border, the United Nations refugees agency said today. read more

UNICEF chief urges more aid to help Haitian victims of tropical stormUNICEF chief urges more aid to help Haitian victims of tropical storm

Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, said the international response must be rapid if it is to save lives in Haiti, where more than 1,300 people are confirmed killed and at least 1,000 others are missing because of floods and mudslides.Ms. Bellamy said Haiti’s child survival indicators were already dire before Tropical Storm Jeanne struck the country earlier this month, the latest in a series of tropical storms and hurricanes to lash the Caribbean region this season.Ms. Bellamy walked the streets of Gonaïves, Haiti’s third largest city and the hardest-hit by the storm, during yesterday’s visit. Before returning to UN Headquarters in New York, she said that about 30,000 children under the age of five and some 8,000 pregnant or lactating women are among the population at risk.UNICEF is particularly concerned that outbreaks of diseases – including cholera and typhoid – may begin soon. Many children are also suffering from diarrhoea, which can be deadly if untreated. The agency has sent protein biscuits and 400,000 sachets of water purification powder to the region.The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is also sending 100 tons of high-energy biscuits, which are densely nutritious and do not need to be cooked. “For the most vulnerable people, these biscuits could mean the difference between life and death, especially as so many of them no longer have the means to heat and prepare food,” said WFP Country Director in Haiti Guy Gauvreau.The WFP has already sent 226 tons of food to Gonaïves since 18 September, including 37,000 loaves of bread from local bakeries that worked around the clock.The food aid is part of a relief campaign by UN agencies and the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), which is expediting the deployment of peacekeepers to try to support aid distribution. MINUSTAH troops have also been used to stop violent attacks on local distribution sites.UNICEF said it has also set up 20 temporary shelters in Gonaïves for the homeless, but it remains concerned that some families are using public buildings without any organization or security, and possibly exposing their children to violence and abuse. read more

New UN report shows global youth unemployment rate still above financial crisisNew UN report shows global youth unemployment rate still above financial crisis

The rate has stabilized at 13 per cent following a period of rapid increase between 2007 and 2010, but it is still well above the pre-crisis level of 11.7 per cent, according to the ILO report Global Unemployment Trends for Youth 2015: Scaling up investments in decent jobs for youth. It also highlights a drop in the number of unemployed youth to 73.3 million in 2014, some 3.3 million less than the crisis peak of 76.6 million in 2009.“It is encouraging to see an improvement in the youth employment trends compared to the GET [Global Employment Trends] for Youth 2013,” says Sara Elder, the report’s lead author. “But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that recovery is not universal and that almost 43 per cent of the global youth labour force is still either unemployed or working yet living in poverty. It’s still not easy to be young and starting out in today’s labour market,” she added.Because of a shrinking youth labour force, the youth unemployment rate remains high despite a decline in the number of unemployed youth, states the report, which notes that, according to projections, the rate is expected to increase slightly this year.One reason for the decrease in the global share of youth in the total labour force, notes the report, is that more young people are participating in education. This is not the case in low-income countries, where millions of young people leave school early to take jobs. According to the report, 31 per cent of youth in low-income countries have no educational qualifications at all, compared to 6 per cent in lower middle-income countries.The report also notes the need to invest in skills and create decent work. “We know that today’s youth do not face an easy labour market transition and with the continued global economic slowdown,” said Azita Berar Awad, Director of the ILO’s Employment Policy Department, adding “this is likely to continue, but we also know that greater investment in targeted action to boost youth employment pays off. It is time to scale up action in support of youth employment.”“The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its emphasis on youth employment in Goal 8, provides a new opportunity to mobilize broad global partnerships to support action on a more significant scale,” Ms. Berar Awad continued. “Increased investment is needed to alleviate the scars of the crisis on the present generation as well as to ensure more inclusive labour markets and societies.” read more

Finally Water committee close to a deal on the future of chargesFinally Water committee close to a deal on the future of charges

first_img 16,570 Views Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, 7:54 PM Finally: Water committee close to a deal on the future of charges The definition of water wastage has been defined as 1.7 times the average usage has been agreed by the committee. By Christina Finn Share40 Tweet Email3 THE ISSUE OF water has rumbled on for years – but this evening it is one step closer to resolution.The 20-member Oireachtas Committee on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services met in private today to hammer out some of the issues relating to water charges, refunds and metering.Sources state the bones of the report by the committee has now been agreed.It’s understood that after much back and forth about how to define excessive water usage, the definition of wastage as being 1.7 times the average usage has been agreed. This is 70% above average.An excess usage levy will target the 8% of households (71,000 households) who are responsible for 32% of water usage.Customers will get a notice in the post if they are above the threshold and they will have six months to correct the wastage.Water meters Both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael were at loggerheads over the water meter installation programme.However, it’s understood that a deal has been struck which will effectively mean the end of the State roll-out of water meters for existing homes, something Fianna Fáil lobbied for.The committee has agreed with Fine Gael’s submission that metering should still be carried out on all individual new builds and that apartments should be bulk-metered.The future of Irish Water has been secured by the committee, with the organisation to continue as the national utility for water services in Ireland.Throughout the negotiations, Fine Gael have been adamant that there must be compliance with the EU regulations.Last month, the Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government Simon Coveney said he would not be able to agree with the committee’s recommendations if there was a conflict with the EU’s directive on water usage.He also said he was not prepared to introduce legislation that ran contrary to the advice of the Attorney General. By ensuring that an excess usage charging mechanism will be in place to implement the ‘polluter pays principle’, the minister has managed to side-step the issue.The committee met in private this afternoon to hammer out the last remaining details. It’s understood members will meet again next Tuesday when this final draft report will be approved.Read: Irish Water guilty of sewage pollution at four plants across the countryRead: So many questions… what’s happening with water charges? Short URL Mar 29th 2017, 7:54 PM Image: Shutterstock/Rachel Designs 71 Comments Image: Shutterstock/Rachel Designs Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Alerte au tsunami au Japon après un nouveau séismeAlerte au tsunami au Japon après un nouveau séisme

first_imgAlerte au tsunami au Japon après un nouveau séismeUn mois jour pour jour après le violent séisme de magnitude 9 qui a endeuillé le pays, le nord-est du Japon a été victime d’un nouveau séisme ce lundi, survenu non loin de la centrale nucléaire accidentée de Fukushima. Une alerte au tsunami a été lancée.De magnitude 7,1 selon TF1News, un nouveau séisme a été ressenti à Tokyo il y a quelques minutes, faisant trembler les immeubles de la capitale japonaise. Son épicentre serait situé sur terre, dans le sud de la préfecture de Fukushima, déjà dévastée par le puissant séisme et le tsunami qui ont frappé l’archipel nippon le 11 mars dernier.D’après, la télévision publique japonaise NHK a diffusé une carte indiquant les côtes de la façade Pacifique où un tsunami allant jusqu’à un mètre pourrait se produire.BFM TV précise que les employés de la centrale accidentée de Fukushima ont été évacués par précaution.Le 11 avril 2011 à 10:45 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

EXCLUSIVE US defender reveals Martinos perfectionismEXCLUSIVE US defender reveals Martinos perfectionism

first_imgGreg Garza spent two years working under Gerardo Martino’s Atlanta United, and he has explained how he was a perfectionist.United States national team defender Greg Garza was coached by former Barcelona manager Gerardo Martino in Atlanta United.They worked together for two whole years.And now that Martino has taken the Mexican national team job, Garza has spoken about how he was always looking for perfection.“He always carried a Sharpie,” he told reporter Alejandro Guzman.Quiz: How much do you know about Hirving Lozano? Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 6, 2019 Time for you to tell us everything you can answer about Hirving Lozano. We will ask you 10 questions about the Mexican forward. Have…“He used to paint in all the televisions while we watched our rivals videos, before the matches.”“I would say he’s a football perfectionist,” Garza added.“I think what I liked more about him is that he knows a lot about the game.”Martino is Mexico’s new coach and one day might get to coach El Tri against Greg Garza’s United States national team.last_img read more

Off Beat Canadians drawn to Vancouver USA for July 4th festivitiesOff Beat Canadians drawn to Vancouver USA for July 4th festivities

first_imgWhen it comes to confusion about Northwest city names, it’s better to be safe than Surrey … er, sorry.Local folks tend to smile when out-of-towners mix up our Vancouver with that other city to the north. A Columbian reader forwarded us another example recently: An online travel newsletter touted the bounty to be found in the downtown farmers’ market at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, B.C.His reaction: “They got the two cities mixed up!”That was a fairly harmless case of mistaken identity, since nobody will be driving to British Columbia to buy a couple of pounds of farm-fresh tomatoes.But a few days ago, Susan Holton wanted to make sure that another version of that municipal identity crisis didn’t cost a Canadian family $150.Holton is communications manager of the Fort Vancouver National Trust, which put on our Fourth of July fireworks show. This year there were special $50 tickets for seats in a prime viewing area. Holton received an e-mail from a man who wanted to buy three tickets.“I saw the ‘.ca’ on his request,” Holton said, so it was a Canadian e-mail address. “I wanted to make sure he knew this was Vancouver, Washington.”last_img read more

OBITUARY John M ScannellOBITUARY John M Scannell

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — John M. Scannell, of Wilmington, formerly of Medford, passed away on July 16, 2018. Beloved husband of Phyllis A. (Dulong) Scannell. Devoted father of John Scannell Jr. and his wife Mary Ellen of Lynn, Sandra Morello and her husband Anthony of Wilmington. Loving grandfather of Catherine Scannell, Ellen Scannell – Woods and her husband Chris Woods, Christine Morello and her fiancé Daniel Bell, Joseph Morello and his wife Deirdre, and Michelle Morello. Loving great grandfather of Ela Woods.Funeral services will be held from the Dello Russo Family Funeral Home, 374 Main St., WILMINGTON, Wednesday, July 18th, at 11:30 a.m. followed by a funeral mass celebrated in St. Thomas of Villanova Church, 126 Middlesex Ave, Wilmington, at 12 p.m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend and may visit with the family at the funeral home prior to the Mass from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Services will conclude with military honors and burial at Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. Late United States Air Force Veteran of the Korean War.(NOTE: The above obituary is from Dello Russo Funeral Home.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedOBITUARY: Lucille C. (Enos) Gilson, 77In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Pauline F. (Lascelles) Capps, 86In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Maureen F. (McKenna) McHugh, 80In “Obituaries”last_img read more

Google gets lease of 100000 sq ft office space in Bengaluru ReportGoogle gets lease of 100000 sq ft office space in Bengaluru Report

first_imgSearch engine giant Google recently inked a deal to take on a lease of about 100,000 square feet of office space for an undisclosed amount in Bengaluru, in a bid to expand operations. Google’s Indian-origin CEO Sundar Pichai plans to tap into the country’s local engineering talent, the Economic Times reports.Google recently signed an agreement to lease about 1 lakh sq ft of office space at the Bagmane World Technology Centre. Pichai had said in December 2015 Google would increase its engineering investments in Bengaluru and Hyderabad divisions. It also plans to build a brand new campus in capital city of Andhra Pradesh.”The company is also looking for additional space in Hyderabad, apart from setting up its largest campus there,” a source was quoted as saying by ET.Google had taken on lease 430,000 sq ft of office space from real-estate developer Unitech in Gurgaon in August 2015. The company will use the office space in the three cities to expand its business, Business Standard reported. According to property consultants Cushman & Wakefield, the overall demand for office space across eight Indian cities rose 19 percent year-on-year to 11.7 million square feet during the first quarter of 2016, BusinessLine reported.last_img read more

Meenakshi Dutt has helped pioneer and revolutionised the MakeUp Industry time afterMeenakshi Dutt has helped pioneer and revolutionised the MakeUp Industry time after

first_imgEvery woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. However, MAKEUP has become a way for a woman to look and feel beautiful while showcasing her confidence in a different manner. But it can’t be done alone to beautify the actual pretty nature of women, a little help from a Celebrity Makeup artist like a Meenakshi Dutt can create wonders.A talented makeup artist not only transforms a woman into a symbol of how every beautiful woman should look like, but all together makes a woman feel gorgeous. Makeup Artist showcases her flaws to perfection while blending it to their beauty making her fall in love with herself all over again. Their hard work never goes unnoticed especially in the fashion industry where they are applauded for their magical work. Meenakshi Dutt is ruling the makeup industry in Delhi from past 21 years with her new trends and variety.For a bride, there are so many options to spoil her and make her D-day memorable. Hence, making a choice for one of the Most famous bridal makeup artists, Meenakshi Dutt, is no longer an option but a necessity for brides.Meenakshi Dutt is a makeup queen who rules the makeup industry and creates magic with her work. She makes everyone spellbound with her extraordinary talent and magical fingers that highlights the inner beauty of a woman. Optimally praised in India and around the globe with her magical trend and establishment for a style that shows modern beauty in nothing less than a PERFECT manner.She is always dedicated to the complete picture -while keeping the most significant cosmetics, hairstyle, and accessories in mind. She believes that every element should be synergistic to weave an eccentric portrait of total beauty with great style.Her passion and love for flawless makeup no doubt makes her stand out exceptionally and unmatched in the industry. With her charismatic personality, she gives an insight into the hidden beauty and highlights it in her work.She was the queen of ramps while defeating other in the Miss Delhi and Miss Navy Queen beauty pageants. This beautifies her existence as a professional model in 1988. While moving along with her career, she worked as a television anchor and model. Later she became the makeup queen. Meenakshi Dutt steered uphill, culling out the career of a magnificent makeover expert and stylist in 1997. She stepped forward to give beauty a new look her vibrant and unique style statement.Since 1997, Meenakshi Dutt has managed to bring her own style statement to fashion industry giving it a whole new meaning. With her innovative, creativ and eccentric ideas in the fashion industry , she has gained the attention of Bollywood and Hollywood celebs. She is approached = = for Red Carpet events by top celebrities due to her bestowed talent. Her gaga and knack for makeup and creativity have always kept her talent in the limelight shedding all the attention, cameras and lights upon her from every sphere.As a sign of a successful career, she has also been associated with numerous projects around the globe. Some of them are under the domain of photoshoots, television and print advertisements, music videos, fashion shows, launches, tv talk shows. These are just top glimpse of the career of makeup queen everywhere.The grace, subtly, sophistication in her styles helps in enhancing and bringing about the best in every face. She makes every woman in the country look no less than a princess especially on her wedding day as per the skin tone, facial features, and skin preference. She has mastered in Bridal make-up and hairstyles.Meenakshi Dutt with her talent has managed to score in the list of Top 5 bridal makeup artists in India. She is the most trusted name in the fashion industry and is preferred by the leading designers, photographers, and modeling agencies. Meenakshi Dutt has established a new image for the Bridal makeup.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

Khaleda suffered mild stroke PhysiciansKhaleda suffered mild stroke Physicians

first_imgKhaleda ZiaOne of BNP chairperson Khaleda’s personal physicians has said she suffered a mild stroke. A four-member physician team met Khaleda Zia at the abandoned central jail on Nazimuddin Road on Saturday afternoon.After visiting Khaleda Zia, professor of the medicine department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital FM Siddique told journalists that Khaleda Zia fell down on Tuesday.She, however, could not remember the time.“We believe she suffered a mild stroke,” Siddique said.He said, “We have made a recommendation to admit her to a specialised hospital for medical tests.”Asked about Khaleda’s condition, he said her speech was not clear, but she was able to communicate.  Other physicians who met Khaleda at 4:00pm in the jail are eye specialist professor MA Quddus, professor of neuro-medicine Syed Wahidur Rahman and cardiologist Mohammad Al Mamun.Earlier, BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi alleged that Khaleda Zia fell down on Tuesday. She has been suffering from fever for three weeks, Rizvi said. The government, however, claimed that all sorts of measures have been taken to treat Khaleda Zia in the jail.Former prime minister Khaleda Zia was sent to jail on 8 February after a Dhaka court sentenced her to five years in jail in the Zia Orphanage Trust graft case.last_img read more

Chris Farleys SNL Figure Skating Sketch Turns 25 Today and Its StillChris Farleys SNL Figure Skating Sketch Turns 25 Today and Its Still

first_img Advertisement Chris Farley was quite simply one of the funniest people ever to walk the planet, and today marks  the 25th anniversary of a classic Farley SNL sketch with a sports tie-in that is still as funny as the day it originally aired.With Phil Hartman and David Spade narrating in hushed announcer tones, Farley plays Nancy Kerrigan’s massive Olympic mixed pairs figure skating partner named Wolfgang who steals the show as a 300 pound trainwreck. Holy hell Chris Farley is hilarious.Take a minute to appreciate Farley a quarter of a century later. Pump up the jam? Pump up the jam they will.This Date In 1994: The late great Chris Farley & Saturday Night Live host Nancy Kerrigan compete in Olympic figure skating.— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) March 12, 2018last_img read more

Say Hello to Mr HyperloopSay Hello to Mr Hyperloop

first_img This story originally appeared on Engadget Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global July 2, 2015 7 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Dirk Ahlborn is two hours behind schedule, and it’s no surprise, since the project that he represents has the potential to change the world. He’s the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one of the firms that’s dedicated to building those high-speed tubes people of the future are always traveling in. It’s got so much potential that you can even see hope in the eyes of the people standing in his presence, waiting for their turn to speak to the German. You might have heard that Elon Musk dreamed up this idea, but it’s Ahlborn who’s most likely to make it a reality. Say hello to Mr. Hyperloop.It’s not a name that Ahlborn likes hearing, going to great pains to emphasize the community that has developed around the project. That includes almost 400 scientists, engineers and experts that are working, ostensibly for free, to help develop the Hyperloop system — not to mention partner companies and universities. Then there’s the wider community whose input, feedback and general engagement are helping to shape the future of mass transit.The CEO is clearly feeling frustrated at the misconceptions that seem to surround the project, and they weigh heavily upon his impressively broad shoulders. For instance, he resents the idea that his company is staffed by amateurs, keyboard warriors and other concerned, but otherwise uninformed people. In fact, many of them have day jobs at Tesla, NASA, SpaceX and other brand-name, heavy science firms.Ahlborn bristles at the idea that these people, who donate their time in exchange for stock options, do so only for a bounty further down the road. Instead, Ahlborn points to other open-source projects like Firefox and Android as examples where like-minded individuals come together to build something that they believe in. He also cites companies like Lego and GE that he feels were heading for obscurity until they, too, started to cooperate with the wider community.Yes, there will be a bathroom on the HyperloopImage Credit: HyperloopAnother misconception that Ahlborn has to fight is the idea that users would be crammed into the pods at awkward angles. It was propagated by the early concept document (pictured, above), but the CEO says that the company has moved far away from that now. The current thinking is that a 9-foot-wide economy class pod would hold 40 people, sitting upright in relative comfort, while a business class pod would seat 28. To the relief of nervous travelers everywhere, there will be a bathroom in the finished model, although it’s there more to calm anxious minds than it is for constant use.How much will it cost you?CNBC had previously reported that the Hyperloop could be “free to play,” a point Ahlborn said was taken out of context. In fact, the most likely business scenario now is that users would pay $30 for an economy class “ticket” for a single ride between San Francisco and LA. Even if you took the bus, the seven-hour journey would cost almost twice as much. With the Hyperloop, a return trip is likely to cost $50, with business class seats costing more. Still, since the LA-SF route will only be half an hour long, we could probably put up with a fair chunk of discomfort.Ahlborn tells me that, in the US, it’s rare that a public transportation project turns a profit — they frequently need a subsidy from the government. For the public company that HTT will become, it’s a requirement, so there’s a determination to ensure that the business is run properly. Since he will have a captive audience for the better part of 40 minutes, it’s likely that there will be at least one screen displaying adverts inside each pod. The tubes themselves will also have space for billboards, which will help reduce the cost for each individual traveler. Another idea that’s being kicked around is that pricing would vary depending on time to keep the system 100 percent occupied through the day. So, at peak times, a form of surge pricing would be in effect, with off-peak hours being far cheaper to balance it out.For one brief moment, Ahlborn speaks with reverence about Ryanair, the much-maligned Irish airline. It’s famous (at least in Europe) for offering dirt-cheap fares, but subjecting its customers to a death from a thousand nickel-and-dime cuts, including charging them hefty fees to print their tickets. The CEO has no intention of replacing the airline’s Michael O’Leary as the most hated man in transport, but admires the company’s ability to make travel affordable to the masses.What is being fired at 750 miles per hour through a windowless tube going to be like for those of us who feel travel sickness at the start of an engine? Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is working with a team of psychologists who are specifically researching how to eliminate any such side effects. The current thinking is that there’ll be a forward-facing screen that projects a virtual image that’ll convince your brain that the motion your body is feeling is genuine. Then again, Ahlborn points out that there’s no such view on an airplane, so maybe there is no need for such an innovation.Safety and securityImage Credit: HyperloopAs the future of mass transit, and potentially a “metro system” for the entire country, Hyperloop locations could be a target for all sorts of violence. It’s a topic that most executives would have shied away from, but Ahlborn was surprisingly candid about the risks and dangers that could face a system that’s promised to be un-crashable. There’ll be no TSA-style hurdles for a user to get through, and instead the experience will be much closer to a trip on your local subway. In this instance, you’ll rock up to a Hyperloop station, be pushed into a group of either 40 or 28, and led to board a pod. In order for the system to be cost-effective, pods need to be launched every 30 seconds, so you’ll get into a pod ahead of time and be lowered, wholesale, into the tube.So what would happen if someone set off a bomb inside one of the pods? It turns out that the damage would be, comparatively, less extreme than current subway attacks. Since the tunnel is a sealed low-pressure chamber, if the tube is compromised and air begins to flood in, the pod that’s 30 seconds behind will be forced to rapidly slow down. In addition, as soon as a drop in pressure is detected, the safety system kicks in and brings the chain of pods to a gentle stop.The future is hereThe idea of riding a Hyperloop may seem fanciful, but if things go well, it won’t be very long at all before one opens to the public. The company has signed a deal to build a 5-mile long track at Quay Valley, a new town in California that’ll house 75,000 people as well as a 600-megawatt solar power plant. If, and it’s a big if, ground can be broken on the city in the near future, and if all goes well, then we could be just a few years before the public can get their first taste of high-speed transit. Unfortunately, due to the short length, it won’t be as fast as the theoretical maximum, and Ahlborn is planning to use the development to refine the system ahead of the first “national” Hyperloop line.If that’s a success, then the company is likely to break ground on the first major city-to-city project soon afterward. Ahlborn has already received plenty of interest from cities (or more appropriately, pairs of cities) that wish to be joined closer together. He believes that, due to the political and economic climate, it’s likely to be a location outside of the US and Europe that will be the first to have a functioning route. Until then, Ahlborn is hoping to encourage more people to join the Hyperloop team, especially in Europe, where he’s looking for people to get the word out to the masses — so if you’re interested, you can leave your details here. Register Now »last_img read more

Cancun removes 15 combis for violationsCancun removes 15 combis for violations

first_img“We seek to improve in terms of service. We do not forget the violations like speeding. Those issues are not going to be tolerated and those who violate the law will be punished. We will also take measures,” said the union leader. The combis, which belong to the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers’ Union, were taken out of circulation by Municipal Transit after being found in violation of traffic acts that included excessive speeding, overcrowding and driver mobile use. Erasmo Abelar Cámara, union head, said they will not allow operators to continue abusing the system, which is why the Directorate of Traffic has applied sanctions. Cancun, Q.R. — A total of 15 Cancun combis have been temporarily removed from streets for various traffic violations. The Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers’ Union has more than 600 units that circulate around the city of Cancun. The 15 suspended units remain in the facilities of the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers’ Union in Cancun. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Teodoro Obiang NgueTeodoro Obiang Ngue

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has ruled uninterrupted for a longer period. some fest goers still claim to have witnessed the events,S.Senate Republicans also could consider a shortened version of repeal, There will be detractors and critics who would point to him not being an Olympian, On one hand,About 34 percent of black Minnesotans face poverty.

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areas in the East Coast could still feel its effects with heavy rain and flooding. the NYCLU says state could make a real difference in the lives of all students. Ifeanyi Oputa. read more

in line with Victorin line with Victor

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invade ancestral homes and occupy same unchallenged. Niakan studies how the single cell of a fertilized egg turns into a blastocyst, usually experienced by them during adverse weather conditions, It would be the second time for Federer at the Australian Open after powering through the 2007 event without losing a set. and two more giant slab oak pieces cover the floor nearby.Peterson could be sentenced to up to two years in prison and fined $10,” said the raid was carried out following a tip-off from residents and a vigilante group. PDP said the governor was a target owing to his persistent criticism of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government. assessing everything from design and tone to how many words writers tried to pack into each sentence. ?

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